Question 1. Is Premiere Academy a mixed boarding school

Premiere Academy is a mixed boarding school, where bright boys and girls interact and learn together under the same standard conditions. Our mix of students provide a platform for healthy competitions and excellence in academic endeavours. 

Question 2. Is Premiere Academy a pure science school

Premiere Academy is a science and arts school, with complete curriculum based on WAEC and NECO standard, our students have the best, we recorded improved Academic Performances over the preceding sessions in all our External Examinations. In the WAEC 2016/2017 elections we recorded 78% success from our students.

Question 3. When was Premiere Academy founded

The academy was founded on  15th October, 2005. It was founded on the sole aim of building leaders for the world. The Academy is propelled by its vision and mission, this in turn; determines the staff recruitment and operational guidelines.

Question 4. Where is Premiere Academy situated

The academy is located in a peaceful community of Lugbe within the FCT; It is easily accessible from the city centre, the airport and also outsde of Abuja is just along the main Yar'adua express way of Abuja.