Mr Rowland Eno

Mr Chris Akinsowon



As members of staff at Premiere Academy, we fulfill a variety of roles at the School. The residential nature of the School allows staff to work with students as advisors, in dormitories, on the playing fields, and through a variety of other extracurricular activities.

As you get to know Premiere Academy, we hope that you will contact us with questions about specific programmes and opportunities here.

Asked to describe what it is like to teach at Premiere Academy, one of our teachers puts it this way:

"Premiere is a 'prep' school. We prepare you for moments when you begin to catch on to your real interests, maybe even your passion and for moments when you begin to understand the part you will play in the world."

We look for teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching, experts in their subject areas, and genuinely excited about working with children. The teachers bring infectious energy and passion but their styles vary.


Cross section of the Academic Staff

Most of all, our teachers are role models for the practice that learning never ends, can take place in leaps and bounds as well as in small increments, and can happen in a number of settings. More than teachers, they are students' advisors, coaches, and constant sources of support.