Fine Art

Art can be a very powerful tool for those who have trouble expressing how they feel through writing, giving students the opportunity to visually and artistically express themselves through drawing. Art helps visual students grasp new vocabulary or important concepts by connecting the spoken or written word with a visual model. Create opportunities for students to connect what they are learning in a visually artistic way. For example, if students are studying about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., have them illustrate important facts in his life like the march on Washington, or the Montgomery bus boycott. If they are learning molecules in science, have them illustrate and label each part of a molecule. Studies show that by creating a visual artifact, students retain what they are learning much quicker. 

Incorporating the arts into education ensures that all students’ needs are being met, regardless of how they learn. It allows students a creative outlet, increases their self-confidence, and offers them an alternative way to learn new concepts.