Beyond Premiere Academy

At Premiere Academy we encourage our students to work hard to put in their best to achieve their set goals in life. At the moment we celebrate hundreds of our students who graduate each year to qualify for scholarship admissions into the most prestigious universities of the world. Our students do not only do excellently well in their external exams but do excel massively in vocational activities too like: sports, music and drama, creative writing and ICT. We are remarkably 'THE PRIDE OF OUR GREAT NATION - NIGERIA' and we make it a culture to instill in our students the determination and focus required to make a remarkable impact to the world through mentoring, role model interactions and inviting motivational speakers. Some of our educative programmes that further encourage our students on the importance of adding value are:

  • Teaching them the rudiments of safety and hygiene;
  • Environmental and ecosystem maintenance
  • Community development,
  • Charity programmes for the less privileged.

Skills Acquisition