The continuous assessment comprises the average of all class tests, homework, projects and seminar presentations. All students at Premiere academy are assessed each week. This evaluation gives the teachers an indication of what the child has learned and what they havenot. If the evaluation shows that the class did not understand the concepts taught that week, the teacher re-teaches the material until the students have grasped the concepts. The continuous assessment is worth 40% of the final grade in each course.


The school examinations and Nigerian external examinations constitute 60% of the students' final scores in each subject. There shall be three terminal examinations in JS 1 and 2, SS 1 and 2, in JS 3 and SS 3. In the addition to two terminal examinations, there shall be mock examinations in the month of February/March preceding their final external examinations (JSCE/SSCE).

International examinations (IGCSE, TOEFL, P-SAT and Checkpoint) shall be taken by students at various times during the year.

There shall be intensive summer school at the end of SS 2, in preparation of these Examinations. The cooperation of parents is required in this regard as only a short break of one week would be given to students during this summer holiday.

Success in these exams is of the utmost importance to us. We do not accept average scores. Students have evening and weekend classes to aid them in their exam preparation. Students also have prep at 6am for one hour before breakfast and night prep from 7:30 – 9:30pm. All students have a homeroom teacher as well as a teacher mentor who monitors the progress of all students. This type of pastoral care is critical to the success of our students. It also allows parents to rest knowing that their child is being closely monitored by the school during the summer holiday.

The school places high premium on educational standard. Consequently, the grading system of the school is as follows:


80-100 A1 Exceptional

75-79 B2 Excellent

70-74 B3 Very Good

65-69 C5 Good

60-64 C5 Fairly Good

55-59 C6 Fair

50-54 D7 Average

45-49 E8 Below Average

At Premiere academy our emphasis has shifted from teaching the traditional mode to management of learning. Passive learning where the student simply copies notes is an unacceptable approach to education. Our students are always actively involved in their learning, Using electronic learning, research projects, debates public speaking and experimental learning through interactions with nature.

All our students would be expected to be highly proficient in the use of computer and the application of information and Communication Technology for learning and the presentation of their research findings and projects we have installed in the school. Modern teaching and learning technology to enhance the learning process of the students.