Vocational Day, March 2017(Showcasing Talent and Creativity)

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It was a bright Saturday morning on the 18th of March 2017 when the Vocational Science Department of Premiere Academy organised an exhibition day to showcase theincredible collections of innovative projects and inventions, designed and built by our students. The exhibition cut across all fields of sciences, such as Technical, Building/Architectural, Applied  Electronics, art works and sculptures, traditional designs and attire,agricultural equipment, bakeries and pastries from the Home Economics department and musical presentations from the Music  Department.
Invited parents and guests, marvelled at the overwhelming array of innovations developed by Premiere Academy students as they stood in amazement and watched their wards display and present their projects. 


Parents asked each student about the processes involved in creating  their projects and their importance to society, while students furnished  their audience with detailed answers about the ideas that surrounded the genesis and significance of their art works, designs and inventions.  The parents went on to thank the teachers and  administrative heads of the school for such qualitative impartation of practical knowledge to the students. They pledged their continued support to Premiere Academy as they continue to transform their wards into distinguished intellectuals of society who are capable of producing world-changing ideas.

As the programme progressed, students baked and prepared mouth-watering snacks and pastries which they sold to the parents and guardians for refreshment, in order to generate income for the department.

Teachers and other staff, especially every member of the Vocational Science department, headed by Mrs Franca Irimisose, were in attendance and showed their satisfaction with the programme and commended the students on their impressive presentations.