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Tuesday 11th July 2017 marked the culmination of 6 long years of hard work for our outgoing graduating students.  The event was unprecedented in many ways, not least in terms of its grandness of scale and in the sheer number of guests – both parents, guardians and other invited dignitaries who filled the Academy’s huge multi-purpose hall to capacity, creating a need to provide an overflow facility in the school quadrangle and adjoining classrooms (with television monitors installed) to meet the needs of those who could not be accommodated in the multi-purpose hall. After the initial impromptu photographic sessions with friends and family that took place at various spots, in and around the entrance to the Academy, the main event started with the solemn procession of students and academic staff, all dressed in dignified academic robes of various colours.  As they all filed into the multi-purpose hall and paraded past the guests, there was a great sense of anticipation that this was going to be a day to remember.

On that day we also had an unprecedented number of students (115 to be precise) graduating as the Class of 2017. The sense of pride that permeated the multi-purpose hall was palpable as the exciting atmosphere created by stimulating speeches and the presentation of prizes for academic excellence in various disciplines rose to a crescendo with the traditional throwing of their academic caps into the air by the graduating students.

Graduation day 2017 at Premiere Academy was a truly memorable event that had to be experienced in order to grasp its full impact. Amid all the elation and excitement, however, there was a slight hint of sadness among both the graduates and the teachers who had taught them over the years as the realization dawned upon all concerned that these young people were now moving on to the next phase of their lives to face the future and embrace their destinies as independent young adults.

The journey that was successfully made by the graduating students of 2017 is an inspirational tale well worth telling and it is our sincere hope that the photographs and images that accompany this narrative will serve that very purpose - .to tell the story of how endeavour, perseverance and faith were duly vindicated in the end with the crown of success as was witnessed on the 11th of July 2017.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management at Premiere Academy, we want to thank and appreciate all of our parents, guardians, staff and all those who contributed to the process of making a positive difference in the lives of our young people by making the ultimate investment in their lives – the gift of education. May Almighty God reward you all richly for the sacrifice that you made, despite great challenges at times, to ensure that you made the best possible education available to our students in order for them to pursue the noble aspiration of becoming the ‘pride of the nation’.  God bless you all and God bless Premiere Academy!