Cultural day celebration: as Nigeria celebrates 57th independence

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Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect for the nation on Sunday, 1st, October, 2017 across the nations. For us at Premiere Academy, it was not just a mere event to mark the 57th year of Nigeria’s independence, but a great day for our students to reflect on their different roots and cultures and the essence of togetherness and peaceful co-existence, even as the country is going through turbulent times due to different vested interests.

At about 10 am on Monday, the Academy’s multi-purpose hall was colourfully decorated and our students in their various traditional attires marched in and were interacting in their different local (Nigerian) languages with themselves, this again was purposeful to imbibe in them the culture and power of mother tongue.

In his opening address, the Principal, Mr. Rowland Eno urged the students to reflect on the need to be our brothers’ keeper and to tolerate one another while in school and always remember to spread the message of peace in our respective homes even at home. Mr. Eno said, this is the only way we all can achieve the peace and security we desire to move our dear country out of the many challenges faced at the moment, for a better Nigeria.


Highlights of the occasion were musical presentations by the school band, drama presentations, cultural dance and a display of various cultural attires by both students and staff. God Bless Nigeria!